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Buyer of bilion dollar pizza is back, Japan money laundering, Venezuela started presale of their cryptocurrency Petro and more!


Ex-JPMorgan Energy Head: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency a “True Financial Revolution”

Danny Masters used to direct JPMorgan’s energy trading operations. Now, he’s started Global Adivsors, an investment firm that’s delved deeply into bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. Masters is now saying that banks will only continue to be walloped by the “true financial revolution” that is the cryptoverse.

JP Morgan bitcoin revolution!

Overstock CEO Puts ‘Millions Of Dollars’ Into Unknown Coin, Compares To Bitcoin

Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock, which was the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin (BTC) back in 2014, has said that he is “not really interested in cryptocurrencies per se,” but revealed a little-known Blockchain project his company has invested “millions of dollars” into in an interview with Business Insider Friday, Feb. 23.

Overstock CEO puts millions of dollars to unknown coin

Japan: Only 0.16% Of 2017 Money Laundering Reports Came From Crypto Exchanges

The proportion of suspected money laundering cases involving cryptocurrency in Japan is a fraction of the fiat total for 2017, new data reported by Nikkei Asian Review shows.

Money laundering in Japan

Finland: Authorities Unsure How To Store 2,000 Seized Bitcoins After Treasury Guidelines

Authorities in Finland are trying to devise a means to store 2,000 bitcoins confiscated in 2016, following new guidelines from the Treasury published Tuesday, Feb. 20, Bloomberg reported.

Finland authorities unsure how to store 2,000 seized bitcoins after treasury guidelines

Northern Ireland Property Developer To Accept Bitcoin As Payment Option

Hagan Homes, one of Northern Ireland’s biggest residential property developers, will now be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method, the Belfast Telegraph reported Feb. 22.

Property developer to accept bitcoin as payment option

Bitmex: Tether ‘Possibly’ Has Enough Cash Reserves, Could Still Be Shut Down

Bitmex Research released an in-depth report on Tether today, Feb. 19, detailing the reasons why Tether is most likely backed by sufficient fiat reserves after all, and what problems with regulatory bodies Tether will most likely encounter in the future.

Bitmex cash reserves

Pizza for Lightning: Bitcoin Legend Laszlo Eats Again!

Laszlo Hanyecz, the early bitcoin user who famously made the first “real world” bitcoin purchase of two large pizzas from Jercos Pizzeria in 2010, has repeated the feat eight years later using the Lightning Network payments layer.

Buyer of billion dollar pizza is back using lightning network

Georgia Becomes Latest State to Consider Bitcoin for Tax Payments

Two state senators in Georgia have proposed a bill that would allow citizens to pay their tax obligations in bitcoin, marking the second legislative effort of its kind to emerge this year.

Georgia US state consider bitcoin tax payments

Venezuela began presale for its Petro

This week, Venezuela began the presale for its new cryptocurrency, the petro. The country's government is hoping that the initiative will provide a lifeline for its economy.

Venezuela cryptocurrency backed by oil started presale