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Telegram ICO, grand theft ASIC, Goldman Sachs bought exchange Poloniex and more...


Telegram on Track to Pocket Over $2 Billion From ICO Rounds, Despite SEC Prying Into the Funding Method

Funding from the initial round of investors has already made the company’s launch the biggest ever. Telegram’s goal is to make it to over $2 billion total, a figure that will dwarf the previously largest launch which was conducted by Tezos and raised $232 million.


Massive Bitcoin Hardware Heist Occurs in Iceland

One of the world’s largest bitcoin hardware heists has occurred in Iceland. According to Reykjavik police, over 600 computers used to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have disappeared from their data centers, and over 11 arrests have already been made.

In Big Grab, Payments Player Circle Buys Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange

Circle, which is notably backed by Goldman Sachs investors, just announced it had acquired Poloniex — approximately the 14th largest cryptocurrency exchange by market cap. It’s one of the largest acquisitions in the cryptoeconomy to date, with reports pegging Poloniex’s price at $400 million USD.


Employees of Agency Regulating Crypto (CFTC) Futures Can Now Trade Crypto

Should government regulatory workers who work with Bitcoin futures be allowed to invest and trade the crypto coins? Employees of the CFTC can now invest in Bitcoin, but the agency says activities will be strictly regulated.

PayPal Files Patent For System To Speed Up Cryptocurrency Transaction Times

U.S.-based payments giant PayPal has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), published on March 1, to increase the speed of cryptocurrency payments. The patent describes an “Expedited Virtual Currency Transaction System”, involving the use of secondary private keys to shorten wait times for transactions between consumers and merchants.


Coinbase User Files Class Action Against Company, Claims Insider BCH Trading

The complaint was filed by Coinbase user and Arizona citizen Jeffrey Berk, represented by two law firms, in the US District Court for the Northern District of California on Thursday, March 1.

You Could Get a Piece of Circle’s Poloniex Acquisition Pie – For a Price

Goldman Sachs-backed Circle’s recent acquisition of Poloniex has the potential to create a Wall Street-fintech-crypto exchange giant. And through crowdfunding platforms, you can get in on the action, as Circle approaches retail investors for further funds to shore up its aggressive move into the institutional and consumer global liquidity and payments markets.


$50 Million Gone? South African Police Probe Suspected Bitcoin Ponzi

As much as $50 million may have been lost by an international group of investors after putting their money into a bitcoin investment group called BTC Global.


Coin for Property: Bitcoin Payments in Real Estate Becoming More Popular

Real estate is one business sector that is ready and willing to embrace bitcoin for buying and selling property. The transaction sizes and trade volumes in the property business are huge — which is a major reason why the dynamic may be on the rise.