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Google ban cryptocurrency related ads, South Korea raided three cryptocurrency exchanges, PayPal entering world of cryptocurrencies and more news from last week...


South Korean Prosecutors Raided Three Seoul-Based Crypto Exchanges Last Month

Prosecutors in South Korea carried out a raid of three crypto exchanges in the country last month, confiscating computer hard drives, mobile phones, and financial records after a January investigation showed that some of the customers’ crypto holdings had been moved to the bank accounts belonging to exchange managers, the Wall Street Journal reported today, March 16.


European Union Can’t Ban Cryptocurrency Mining, Says EU Commissioner

An EU commissioner just clarified the legality of cryptocurrency mining in Europe. Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, has formally asserted that mining cryptocurrencies in Europe is legal and that miners only have to follow standard electricity rules.


Google Becomes Most Recent Platform to Prohibit Cryptocurrency Ads

Starting June 2018, Google will ban all online ads that promote cryptocurrencies and related content. The move follows a similar ban previously announced by Facebook in January, with both companies aiming to make their online spaces safer.


Paypal Files Patent Application: Company Looking to Get Involved in Virtual Currencies             

According to an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, PayPal wants to speed up crypto transaction processing times and has filed a patent for a faster cryptocurrency payment system.


Kodak Could Earn $5 Million for ICO Brand Licensing Deal

According to the company's 10-K annual report for 2017, published on March 15, the company was paid $750,000 in cash by WENN Digital, which is developing KODAKCoin and the related digital rights management platform. 


US Bills Could Spell Disaster for Crypto Sex Industry

Shut out of more mainstream payment methods, they've been among the first users of cryptocurrency, creating a symbiotic dynamic between the adult entertainment industry and blockchain technology that continues today.


Bitsonline Update: Syan Technologies a Definite Scam, Not Responding

Back in October 2017, Bitsonline’s Editor-in-Chief Scott interviewed Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer Syan Technologies CTO Koji Tanaka. At the time, no red flags were obvious — under Scott’s questioning, Tanaka and the mining play seemed wholesome and forthright.


Velvet Forks: Crypto Updates Without the Controversy?

Velvet has always been a sign of nobility, but in the crypto space, it's now the name adorning a new and promising way for upgrading blockchain software. At least that's the hype behind "velvet forks," a mechanism for upgrading cryptocurrency code that has some high-profile crypto enthusiasts intrigued.


Plattsburgh, NY Council Bans New Crypto Mining for Next 1.5 Years

After debating the issue for some time, Plattsburgh city council in New York has passed a moratorium on Bitcoin mining operations on March 15th for the next year and a half. The measure, which passed unanimously, means no new crypto mining companies will be able to benefit from the cheap electricity the small northwestern town in New York offers.