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No cryptocurrency ban for India, bitcoin lightning network sees first android mobile app, Pakistan Central Bank order banks not to touch cryptocurrency businesses and more news from the world of cryptocurrencies...


Soros Fund Management Plans To Launch Cryptocurrency Trading, Report Says

US investment fund Soros Fund Management, which currently operates about $26 bln in assets, will reportedly be investing in cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that the head of the fund George Soros earlier claimed that crypto is a “bubble”, Bloomberg reported Friday, April 6.


India is NOT Banning Cryptocurrencies

Earlier this year, it was reported that South Korea was banning cryptocurrency exchanges. This news was eventually labeled as false, and journalists worldwide were left retracting their previous words. Now, it appears the same situation applies regarding information stemming from India.


Unconfirmed: Polish Prosecutors Seize €400 mln Amid Allegations Bitfinex Is Implicated In Fraud

News is emerging of the seizure of €400 mln from an account that is reportedly affiliated with crypto exchange Bitfinex at the Cooperative Bank in Skierniewice, Poland. The investigation is allegedly tied to Colombian drug cartel operations, a local news outlet reported April 6.


Bitcoin Lightning Network Sees First Android Mobile App Hit Google Play

The first user mobile wallet built for the Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) launched April 4 marking a further milestone for the technology.

Confirmed: Monex Group To Acquire Coincheck

The execution of share acquisition is planned for April 16 at a price of 3.6 bln yen ($33.5 mln). The acquisition price is calculated from the net asset estimate of Coincheck at the end of the fiscal year ending March 2018.


US: Class Action Filed Against Nano Developers, Demands ‘Recovery Fork’ Of Lost Funds

A new class action lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court Eastern District of New York on behalf of investors in Nano (XRB, formerly Raiblocks), according to a class action complaint signed April 5.

Pakistan Central Bank Order Banks Not to Touch Cryptocurrency Businesses

Pakistan’s central bank, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), has issued a statement banning banks and other financial institutions from serving crypto related businesses. The move from the SBP comes a day after neighboring India released a similar statement.


Mt. Gox Ex-CEO Karpeles Says He ‘Doesn’t Want’ Leftover $1 Bln Post-Liquidation Funds

Defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox’s ex-CEO claimed in a statement April 4 that he “doesn’t want” the 160,000 BTC ($1.12 bln) that will be left after the exchange repays its creditors.

Google Bans Crypto Mining Extensions From Web Store After ‘90%’ Disregard Policies

Google announced it is pulling cryptocurrency mining extensions from its Chrome Web Store April 2 after “90%” failed to comply with its rules.