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Part of this weekly report is also one event we all wait for. Starting the beta version of our trading platform Nakamotox! Learn more in the article ...


We are launching beta version!

The long-awaited beta version of czech cryptocurrency exchange NakamotoX is finally here! New cryptocurrency exchange NakamotoX launched beta version with 0% fees. As a part of testing the alpha version, developers have done a lot of work and now you can finally trade with real money! Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Verge can be traded so far. Cryptocurrencies can also be traded in pair with fiat currency euro (€). NakamotoX has zero fees in the beta version, so there's no cheaper way to trade!

Bitcoin Exchange Implicates Employee In $3 Million Theft

India-based bitcoin exchange Coinsecure has announced that 438.318 bitcoins worth $3.3 million were stolen from its service, allegedly due to the actions of a rogue employee.

India is NOT Banning Cryptocurrencies

Earlier this year, it was reported that South Korea was banning cryptocurrency exchanges. This news was eventually labeled as false, and journalists worldwide were left retracting their previous words. Now, it appears the same situation applies regarding information stemming from India.

CNBC’s Brian Kelly Supports Tim Draper’s BTC Prediction Of $250,000 By 2022

After investment tycoon Tim Draper said earlier this week that Bitcoin (BTC) could hit $250,000 by 2022, CNBC Fast Money’s Brian Kelly has supported this prediction in a CNBC interview from yesterday, April 13.

Backpage CEO Pleads Guilty To Laundering Millions In Crypto

Listings site Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer pleaded guilty to conspiracy and three counts of money-laundering, in part via cryptocurrencies, in a plea agreement unsealed in federal court in Arizona on April 12.

JPMorgan Hit with Lawsuit Over High Cryptocurrency Purchase Fees

JPMorgan Chase & Co has been slapped with a Manhattan lawsuit alleging it charged cryptocurrency-buying customers surprisingly high fees. Documents state that the company treated these purchases as cash advances after it stopped letting buys occur through users’ credit cards.

One Of The Largest Crypto Farms in Russia To Be Established In The Heart Of Siberia

One of the largest cryptocurrency mining farms in Russia will be established in Krasnoyarsk Krai in Siberia, according to Daniel Zakomolkin, director general of the mining company BitBaza, news outlet TASS reported April 12.

Ledger Wallet Users Reportedly Unable To Access Bitcoin Cash Funds

According to comments from users on the /r/ledgerwallet subreddit, Ledger Wallet has been experiencing performance issues with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) over the past two days.

Real-World Cryptocurrency Use on the Rise in Russia

Hotels that will accommodate World Cup fans have promised to accept cryptocurrencies, a leading state-controlled bank is preparing to launch crypto transactions, and now Russia’s first offline exchange outlet has opened in Moscow.

YouTubers Are Switching to DTube Following Crypto Ad Ban

YouTube, the biggest video-sharing platform, is facing an exodus from its platform due to censorship. The ban on crypto-related ads has also propelled businesses associated with the space to look for alternative platforms.