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Pornhub accepts cryptocurrency as a payment, Amazon wants to help with crypto-crime, Lightning network in combination with NFC technology and more...


The World’s Biggest Porn Company - Pornhub Now Accepts a Cryptocurrency

A wise person once said: “as the porn industry goes, so goes the world.” OK, maybe we’re using a bit of creative license here. But we might be saying it in the future.


Amazon Wants to Help Crack Down on Crypto Crime — for a Price

In the patent, Amazon lists several possible configurations and uses for their data marketplace. One focuses on cryptocurrency. A potential customer? Government agencies.


In Apparent Exit Scam CEO Of German Startup Is ‘Over And Out’ After $50 Mln ICO

Update: Thursday, April 19, Savedroid’s CEO posted a video to YouTube claiming that the apparent exit scam was actually a PR stunt the company pulled off to advocate for “high quality ICO standards.”


Saxo Bank: Cryptocurrencies Could See ‘Springboard’ Bull Market In Q2 2018

Eyeing what he describes as “springboards for a cryptocurrency bull market in Q2” this year, analyst Jacob Pouncey from the bank’s SaxoStrats in-house team of strategists queried whether crypto-assets were “entering a new cycle.”


Lightning + NFC? The New Plan to Bring Bitcoin to Retail

Imagine a way to expand bitcoin payments to millions per second. Now, imagine a clunky, command-line interface. As such, the proposal, submitted by developer Igor Cota, looks to standardize a way to connect lightning with NFC.


Coinbase Shutters the Account of WikiLeaks, WikiLeaks Bites Back

WikiLeaks, the secret information publisher, has had one of its donation avenues blocked by the United States’ largest bitcoin payment services company, Coinbase. The development should come as no surprise, though a blindsided WikiLeaks is now calling for a boycott of the exchange.


Kraken Refusing to Comply with NY Attorney General’s Data Request

Jesse Powell, CEO of San Francisco cryptocurrency exchange platform Kraken, says he will not comply with New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s recent request for information. Powell cites the move as an invasion of customer privacy and going beyond the appropriate means of gathering data.


Iceland’s Biggest Bitcoin Thief Escapes Prison and Flees to Sweden

On April 18th, an alleged culprit behind Iceland’s “Big Bitcoin Heist” — in which 600 crypto-mining computers were stolen — escaped a low-security prison and fled the country in a plane that coincidentally also carried Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir.


Macau Monetary Authority Issues Warning On Crypto Following Criminal Ties To ICO

The Monetary Authority of Macau has issued a warning to the public regarding the possibility “fraud and criminal activities” in cryptocurrencies, the South China Morning Post reports April 20.


Crypto Market Holds Gains On News Of More Wall Street Talent And Money Moving In

The Crypto market continues to hold gains around the same levels it reached after a sharp spike on Thursday, April 13, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) trading above the $8,000 and $500 levels respectively today, April 17.