Neo, formerly known as Antshares, is a cryptocurrency based on distributed Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm, which is not very well-known algorithm. Neo is called the “Chinese Ethereum”.


NEO blockchain can be used as a platform for creating ICO projects in the same way as the Ethereum cryptocurrency. And that is the main potential of this cryptocurrency which strives for being the next smart platform used for digital assets, as well as it wants to contribute to the market digitalization. Besides the digital assets, NEO is usable for so-called “Smart Contracts”. It means that the digital assets on the NEO platform can be in practise used as an actual currency.

Example of this can be the usage of NFC technology in credit cards. After the brand of this cryptocurrency was changed by developers, its price rapidly increased. Great attribute of this cryptocurrency is the easiness of implementing various functions of programming languages, such as C# and Java.

Algorithm: dBFT
Emitted Units: 50,000,000
Total Units: 100,000,000
Mineable: NO

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