OmiseGO is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform, which is likely to have its own blockchain in the future.


It is a project aiming to create a site offering financial services to the community of cryptocurrency users. It should also enable users to exchange any digital assets within the blockchain of the currently existing OmiseGO cryptocurrency. Vitalik Buterin, the creator of current host of this token – Ethereum cryptocurrency, figures in this project himself. The purpose of this project is mostly to enable the exchange to user on the site, rather than to create a payment system. However, the site is going to be designed in a way, that it would handle a large volume of transactions per moment. The process is simple. On the one side, user exchanges digital or fiat currency and sends it to the end user, who exchanges it back. The site should be also integrable and should enable easy deposits and withdrawals. Some developers describe this project as a credit card that does not need an ATM.