Verge is a cryptocurrency based on the scrypt algorithm. It is the model of transformed blockchain, built for high-speed transactions.


While transaction authorization of Bitcoin takes about 10 minutes, Verge needs for it just about 30 seconds. The capacity of transaction is also bigger. Bitcoin can proceed 5 transactions per minute, while Verge can handle up to 100 transactions per the same time. Besides the speed, Verge is interesting also because its anonymity. For masking of its transactions, it uses TOR, masks IP address using server and technology I2P, where the whole communication is encrypted from the start. That means that neither sender nor receiver of the message must reveal their IP address to the other side of the communication or to any observers.

The identity of the both sides therefore remains hidden. Project Montero is somewhat different from Verge. It is, so far, the most successful cryptocurrency with emphasis on anonymity. It has limited number of units, just as Bitcoin. That will in the future prevent emitting more coins and therefore inflation. Another, already implemented technology is Multi-algorithm mining. This technology enables the block to write other algorithms than the primary and add them into blockchain. It is no longer necessary to use just scrypt algorithm.

Developers from Verge are currently working with developers from RSK, who are going to apply their technologies straight to Verge blockchain. It will cause considerable speed-up of transaction without violation of the idea of decentralization. Furthermore, deployment of Lumino Transaction Compression Protocol technology is getting ready. This technology should deal with scalability in the same way segwit deals with it in Bitcoin.

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