Charlie Lee

Here we have another person from world of cryptocurrency that is Charlie Lee.


Specialism: IT engineer

Comes from: China

Year of birth: 1975

Related cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, Bitcoin

Charlie Lee graduated from Computer Sciences at the University of MIT. In the past, he worked for large companies, such as Microsoft and Google. In the April of 2011, he learned from the internet about Bitcoin. He then studied it from the technical point of view and saw problems, that could affect Bitcoin in the future. This realization led him to create a lighter version of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency called Litecoin. Litecoin is in fact really four times faster and cheaper and it should serve for smaller transactions. At the same time, it is a kind of a testing base for Bitcoin, considering that Litecoin is a derivate of Bitcoin and part of its source code is SegWit. SegWit has been part of the Litecoin’s source code before Bitcoin’s. Also, Litecoin is a testing of Lightning Network technology, which could open transaction channels outside the site, which could lead to significant lowering of transaction fees and time needed for signing the transactions.

But Charlie does not want to create a rival to Bitcoin – Litecoin is rather a helping element. If Bitcoin is a digital gold, Litecoin is a digital silver. In 2013, Charlies enthusiasm in the field of cryptocurrencies lead him to terminate his contract in Google so he could work as a director engineer for an American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Then, in 2017, he terminated his contract there, so he can fully focus on development and upgrading if his cryptocurrency Litecoin.

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