DAO hacker

His identity is unknown but his influence on the world of cryptocurrency is big!


Specialism: hacker

Comes from: unknown

Year of birth: unknown

Related cryptucurrencies: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic

Although a person or group of unknown identity, this pseudonym is a very influential individual. The attack of DAO was a big hit for the crypto world. The hacker or hackers used something what other observers described as an opportunity for a given user to come and take money for free. It was an error in a source code which allowed them to send 50-billion worth of ethereum units without right using a smart contract. This situation led to a vote inside ethereum network, which resulted in the decision to break it down. The network was split after the mined block before the unauthorized transaction went through to return the units to its original owner.

A part of the network disagreed with this decision and considered it as an act of manipulation, which goes against cryptocurrency principles. This gave birth to a new cryptocurrency called Ethereum Classic. This critical error in a smart contract was eventually discovered and to this date serves as a lesson for the future.

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