Don Tapscott

Here we have another person from world of cryptocurrency that is Don Tapscott.


Specialism: author, business consultant

Comes from: Canada

Year of birth: 1947

Related cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin

We already know who Alex Tapscott is – a successful businessman and a co-author of books about the issues of cryptocurrencies. This time, we stay in the family circle and find out that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Don Tapscott, the father of Alex Tapscott, is a Canadian businessman specializing in business strategies, organizational structures and the role of technologies in enterpreneurship. Together with his son he wrote several books about the use of technologies not only in the entrepreneurial sphere. In the past, he also worked as an assisting professor of management at the University of Toronto. In 2017, the Tapscott company joined several groups specializing in solving problems in various fields using the blockchain technology.

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