Evan Duffield

Here we have another person from world of cryptucurrencies that is Evan Duffield...


Specialism: software developer

Comes from: USA

Year of birth: 1980

Related cryptocurrencies: Dash

Evan has been programming ever since he was 15. In the age of 20 he began to work for Wells Fargo company, after which he went to Verizon Wireless. Through this work he found his passion for analysing large amounts of data using computer technology and machine learning extensively. His interest in AI led him to several companies specializing in social media, with the aim of improving their technologies for the benefit of their clients. Later on, he developed a taste for the finance world and became obsessed with bitcoin and related technologies. The rapidly growing interest in cryptocurrencies made him found one of his own, which became to be known as Dash.

Besides other things, Evan is also suspected of a conflict of interest regarding his cryptocurrency. During the initial launch of the network, he managed to mine two million coins in just twenty-four hours. This bug was fixed before the official launch of the network but Evan decided to keep his gain, owning a total of 2.5% of all available coins. Later on, he decided to decrease the maximum number of coins, effectively increasing the percentage even more. This can be a bit unsettling for Dash investors. If someone owns a major or somehow large share of a cryptocurrency, he can significantly influence the development of its market value.

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