Laura Shin

Here we have another person from world of cryptocurrency that is Laura Shin.


Specialism: journalist

Comes from: USA

Year of birth: 1968

Related cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many others

Laura Shin, an American journalist, writes for Forbes Magazine and also publishes under her own name. In 2008 she graduated from Columbia School of Journalism. After ten years of freelance writing, Laura joined LearnVest Inc. as a chief editor and wrote about topics related to finance and business. Simultaneously, she worked as an editor of articles for CBS Interactive and oversaw 25 authors. In 2013, she joined Forbes.

In her early days in Forbes, Laura was writing about personal finance. However, she found this job rather boring and demanded a change. In 2015 she was transferred to a different department. At that time, she began to concentrate on digital currencies. Since then, Laura has made writing about cryptocurrencies her full time job and considers them to be a technological revolution. At the same time, she contributes to raising their public awareness.

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