Riccardo Spagni

Here we have another person from world of cryptocurrency that is Riccardo Spagni.


Specialism: software engineer

Comes from: Italy

Year of birth: unknown

Related cryptocurrencies: Monero, Bitcoin

Ricardo Spagni, also known as „fluffypony“, is one the main developers of the cryptocurrency Monero. Little is known about his professional life – probably because of his ever-present anonymity, which can be seen on the product of his work. Regarding his career, we only know that Riccardo studied information technologies and logistics. He used his knowledge of these fields as a software developer.

Unlike from his professional life, he openly speaks about his personal life. In 2010 he married his German girlfriend. Currently, they live together in South Africa on the southernmost beach of Africa. Riccardo is also very affectionate towards animals, as seen on his leisure activities, such as riding elephants, swimming with seals or taking care of his six dogs. However, he is yet to become a father. He justifies this by claiming there is not enough room in his house but with his dog friends he certainly does not feel lonely.

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