Vitalik Buterin

Here we have another person from world of cryptocurrency that is Vitalik Buterin.


Specialism: software engineer

Comes from: Russia

Year of birth: 1994

Related cryptocurrencies: Ethereum

A younger famous crypto individual, Vitalik Buterin is a very influential character in his field. He started as a blogger writing articles for the bitcoin forum about the issues of blockchain. Because of the growing mainstream popularity of bitcoin, the website was eventually shut down. In 2011 Vitalik was asked to take part in creating an entirely new portal called Bitcoin Magazine, which he ended up co-founding. The magazine dealt with topics such as bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Vitalik himself was the author of the articles until 2014, when he was forced to stop publishing because of a new project – the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

He announced its development as early as 2013 publicly, stating that his plan was to create a decentralized payment network with the proof-of-work mechanism and at the same time a platform for the development of decentralized applications. He described his invention as the second generation cryptocurrency, which was widely accepted among his ever growing fan base. Today this cryptocurrency boasts second biggest capitalization and provides a reliable base for the development of decentralized applications. Although it has never conquered bitcoin, it is still an irreplaceable platform for many successful projects that use its blockchain to emit digital tokens.

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