The Search for Satoshi Nakamoto: Chapter II. - Nick Szabo

The first, most possible suspect and probably the most requisite person, who could hide under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto is Nick Szabo.


Who Is It?

Nick Szabo is an IT specialist, expert in law and a cryptograph from USA. He graduated from Washington University in 1989 from the computer sciences and acquired a professor title on the Francisco Marroquín University.

Why Is He a Suspect?

The most possible reason is his project Bitgold, which he worked on before Bitcoin had been created. Those two projects are quite similar. Bitgold describes a decentralized system using proof-of-work method for storing data in digital form. As has already been mentioned, those two projects are very similar. Both are decentralized sites using proof-of-work method. A while before the Bitcoin project was published under the Satoshi Nakamoto profile, Nick had been looking for developers for his Bitgold project. After Bitcoin was published, nobody ever heard about Bitgold again. That could mean, that with the help of hired developers, Nick has improved his project and released it on the internet under the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym. 

Truth is, that there had been much to improve on his Bitgold project for it to become the digital gold. For example, Bitgold was vulnerable to so-called Sybil attacks. Satoshi Nakamoto also referred to suggestions from Nicks Bitgold project. As has been said before, Nick is American. Satoshi Nakamoto should originally be Japanese, but according to his site activity, it is possible that he is from America. Either that, or he has very peculiar sleeping habits. One of the speculations points to identical initials. Nick was born in Hungary, from where he emigrated with his father to USA during the Communist regime. In Hungary, one’s name is given surname first, therefore Szabo Nick – S. N., is has the same initials as Satoshi Nakamoto. What is also worth mentioning is the beginning of the address, Satoshi had himself generated. The address starts with number 1 followed by letters S and N, which could also point to Nicks initials.

Truth is, that Nick Szabo is the number on suspect mainly because his activities before the creation of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is often perceived in society as an instrument of the evil people. According to some people, the fact that is has been created by a recognized IT specialist and cryptograph expert Nick Szabo could help the mass global adaptation of Bitcoin.

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