The Search for Satoshi Nakamoto: Chapter III. - Dorian Nakamoto

The next person who is suspected from hiding behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym is a man, whose name actually is Dorian Nakamoto.


Who Is It?

Dorian Nakamoto is a Japanese American living in California. He worked as a system engineer on projects related to computer security and development of financial information systems.

Why Is He a Suspect?

Due to his professional experience, it could be said, that Dorian could have been close to bitcoin. His experience with computer security and financial systems especially could have inspired the thought to create a payment system with such high security. In the 90’s, he was fired from his position. that could have given him the time needed for an alternative activity. He then became a libertarian, which is also a typical circumstance related to bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies meaning that bitcoin is apparently a product of a liberal, even anarchistic thinking.

What is worth mentioning, is Dorian’s reaction to journalist from Newsweek Leah McGrath Goodman’s question about bitcoin. He answered, that he is no longer part of this project and it is now in the hands of other people. He later explained, that he mistakenly thought they were speaking about other, government, project that he worked on in the past. Nobody knows if he just tried to avoid unwanted publicity.

Another reason pointing to Dorian as to the creator of bitcoin is the fact that he is a Japanese living in America. Satoshi Nakamoto states in his profile, that he is a Japanese man, but according to his site activity he possibly lived in America. That would point directly to Dorian – a Japanese man living in America. After the Dorian case, Satoshi Nakamoto stated on his profile, that he is not Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto. That could mean two things. Either Dorian is not the person hiding under Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym and the inventor of the first cryptocurrency, or he does not long for fame and too much attention.

Dorian Nakamoto about Bitcoin


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