The Search for Satoshi Nakamoto: Chapter VII. - Edward Snowden

Today’s candidate for a person hiding behind Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym is the man, who stood up to the most powerful government in the world. His name is Edward Snowden. In this chapter, we are going to focus mainly on Edwards story, which, however, shows, that he could have been the person striving for power over money to be returned into the hands of people.

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Who Is He?

Edward Snowden is a former system engineer, who was born in 1983 in the USA. He worked for government security organizations like NSA and CIA, from where he leaked rather trusted information mainly about secret monitoring of phones and electronic communication. He was led by realizing how American government works and what impact it has on the world, which he learnt during the time he spent working there. He claims he was a part of machinery, that causes more evil than good. In Hongkong in June 2013 Edward met Glenn Greenwald, a journalist from a British daily The Guardian, and gave him information about various secret projects. The American government considers this a high treason and a leak of internal information from the security service therefore Edward is facing persecution and prosecution. He was accused of the theft of government property, unauthorized disclosure of information about national security and conscious disclosure of secret information to unauthorized person. In August 2013 he gained a refugee status in Russia. This Asylum has then been extended by three years. Now he is seeking a permanent asylum in 21 countries. In early July 2013 he was offered asylum by Venezuela, Nicaragua ad Bolivia. On 2nd July 2013 a plane of Bolivian president has been force landed in Vienna because of a suspicion, that Edward Snowden is on board (France, Spain, Portugal and Italy cancelled the permission to fly over their territory on the grounds of this suspicion). This event caused indignation in many South American countries. On 7th April, Snowden’s sympathisers built his statue in New York Park Fort Greene, but it was removed by the city few hours later.

Why Is He a Suspect?

Loud and clear – In past, Edward Snowden has already decided to fight for the freedom of people by showing the real face of American secret service. Even though he knew what he was doing. He risked his life, so people could know the truth. A person, who stands up to the most powerful government in the world, would certainly not be afraid of the powerful banking world. Working for NSA, he could have thought about creating an encrypted digital currency. Bitcoin, you see, uses a encryption algorithm called SHA-256, which has been developed by this exact company.

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