The Search for Satoshi Nakamoto: Chapter X. - Marek Palatinus

The next suspected person, who could have been hiding behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym, is Marek Palatinus, aka Slush.


Who Is It?

Marek Palatinus is a Czech programmer, inventor of mining pools and an owner of a company which operates the most secure hardware wallet in the world, called Trezor.

Why Is He Suspected?

Why should someone like Slush be even a suspect? He is a part the Bitcoin world for quite a long time. He is the most distinctive personality in the Czech Republic when the Bitcoin is concerned. Mainly his programmer skills which significantly bettered Bitcoin lead to the suspicion, that he was the true Satoshi Nakamoto. Almost every miner of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, must have heard about the Slushpool, even though the share of the mining power in the whole site is only about 2,5%.

They heard about it because Slushpool was the first mining pool and furthermore, Slush was the one who came up with this idea. Why would not he be the one hiding behind Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym? Some people could say, that it is in contrary to the idea of decentralization of the site, that it is in fact centralization of the mining. It is not so. It is not centralization of the site, but rather lending of the computing power to search for probabilities, and in the end, it makes it more efficient. Another suspicious aspect is the invention of the worlds safest hardware wallet Trezor.

Who else than the creator of Bitcoin, should have this much interest in securing other people’s Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies? Slush’s company itself, which operates those hardware wallets, even helps Nakamotox to secure off-line wallets, so the possessions of users trading on this platform is as secured as possible. 

When Marek was asked if he is Satoshi Nakamoto, he answered without hesitation that he is not. He would have probably answered the same if he was Satoshi or if he was not. However, there are circumstances supporting this idea. Is it possible, that Satoshi Nakamoto is no longer hiding behind his pseudonym and tries to help Bitcoin as himself? Maybe someday we will know. 

This was our last suspect. We hope that you liked our investigation. Don't forget to check out our trading platform Nakamotox that was mentioned in this article.